Buyers Guide

General advise either Buying or Selling.

Either Buying or Selling the procedure to get a smooth procedure is pretty straight forward. There has to be a successful connection between a willing buyer and a willing seller for any type of boat we are talking for. We provide a comprehensive chain of services, where you will have discreet but at the same time continuous effort for the supervision of the procedure. Below you can see some basic principles that stand out either while Buying or Selling.


The first step for the Buyer is to identify which type of yacht fits his needs, his likings and his lifestyle. Through our knowledge and experience we can help the Buyer identify which type of yacht he likes the most.

Throughout our marketing tools, our website or hard copy material, you can have a first glance that will guide you towards your selection. Once you have narrowed down your research you can contact us in order to help you reach your target by visiting the boats that you have chosen and feel the onboard looks and space.

From the time that you have chosen your ideal boat the standard practice for the completion of the sale is the following:

1. Make an offer and agree the price with the Seller of the yacht

2. Once these are agreed we will sign a so called 'MOA', Memorandum Of Agreement where all the parameters of the deal will be written and described as well as a very detailed description of the boat's specs and inventory.

3. The MOA always describes a Surveyor appointed by the Buyer for the sea trial and dry dock inspection. We always recommend an inspection/survey from a qualified surveyor who will guarantee the condition of the yacht, issue a report for the insurance and point out any major or minor defects. The cost for the survey is on buyers account. In order for all of the above to take place, most of the times unless otherwise stated in the MOA, a deposit should be paid to a commonly designated stakeholder that will keep this deposit until the survey completes. Once the Survey completes and the Buyer accepts the condition of the yacht then the stakeholder releases the deposit to the Seller along with the balance that is paid by the Buyer upon closing. In the opposite case where a boat is found damaged then the stakeholder returns the deposit to the buyer. This procedure is a general guideline concerning how the sale completes. We have to remark that each case is different and you could have variations of this procedure depending on the complicity of each case. All these details are described in the MOA where Buyer, Broker and Seller follow as guide for a successful sale to take place.

4. In return for the Selling price the Buyer receives all the documentation for the boat to change ownership. In Greece this happens to be a long bureaucratic procedure that both buyer and seller needs to be careful and aware so that the procedure runs smoothly until the end.

5. We can suggest independent maritime lawyers that will check the title ownership and safeguard all the transaction until the end. Either Greek or international region the title ownership or registration can be completed safely. In case you are buying a boat under foreign flag the whole process ends when you receive the deletion certificate from the Greek registry.

6. We expect the procedure to last approximately 2-4 weeks as per normal conditions.

7. Conditions concerning Tax status and Tax liability can be determined according your passport or company nationality. Contact us concerning information for this field.


Selling your yacht is not a simple issue. Advertising your property in the market is delicate and serious matter. Unfortunately most of the times you have to be careful concerning the correct asking price of the boat and many time wasters out there in the market.

It is true that we live in a very competitive market where Buyers idea is that most of the Sellers want to sell their boat due to any kind of need for money or difficulty. This causes sometimes unrealistic Buyers to believe they will buy a boat for unrealistic price. In order to save time we have available our Virtual Tour Service (check according section) that a buyer can get a real impression of your boat without having actually to be onboard. Furthermore we guarantee that your boat will be advertised to the correct asking price that you will set for your property and will try to filter any possible buyer before visiting your boat.

By advising us to promote your boat we will advertise her to our global network and affiliate brokers. At the same time we will try to match her with all possible matching Buyers of ours.

In addition your boat will be promoted through our based staff in Moscow, Russia where we have offices and marketing setup. Having offices in such a powerful buyers market is indeed a powerful tool however Russian clients tend to be very realistic and aware of their buying power. We try to bridge the gap between Seller and Buyer and meet the side of each one in order to complete the sale.

We inform you that we can be very serious, accurate and effective as far as the sale of your property and most important we will respect your opinion since we are owners ourselves. Contact us for more information.

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