Destination GREECE

Release your senses-Discover Greece

How could you really describe Greece by using just words and photos? It's not only her 13.000 miles of coastal line or the 2000 islands; it's the combination of sun, wind and sea that makes Greece the destination you need to feel before you can imagine.

greek islandsGreece is definitely blessed. It is the perfect sailing location for yachtsmen where time is the only obstacle while you explore. Thousands of miles to cover, thousands of places to visit. Time is just never enough! Greece is a legendary seafaring country, long known for her history, mythology, architecture and culture. This land of Gods, renowned for her beauty, sun and clarity of lights, has inspired artists, poets, writers and travelers for the past three thousand years.The distinguished English author Lawrence Durrell has said there are "more than two thousand Greek islands, very many of them mere humps of rock with not more than a field... Some of the tiniest (and especially delightful) lie in the domain of the small boat, the average tourist will see them only by accident."

sun2The yacht may stop at, for instance, totally isolated bays and pristine beaches backed by imposing cliffs striated with the colors of rough geology. Only a yacht can approach uninhabited islands, where the sole visitor once a year is the shepherd who grazes his herd here. It is also possible, of course, to visit the more populous islands and take in anything from the intricate bird dovecotes of Tinos to the jet set nightlife of Mykonos and the quality wineries of Cephalonia. Or to simply enjoy a night ashore, mixing with hospitable islanders, shopping in tiny local markets, and sampling local food and wine. With a yacht, you can see at least one different island every day, and often more depending on the group of islands.Enjoy the heart of gastronomy and let your senses travel to relaxed and quite places while you enjoy a glass of sparkling wine or walk through world's most famous history.

slide1The Greek people still have the welcome mat out. It is they who, after all, make Greece. Without the indomitable bonhomie of the Greeks themselves, Greece would be a different place altogether. Their zest for life, their curiosity and their unquestioning hospitality to the visitors in their midst is what makes a visitor's experience in the country inevitably unforgettable. The Greeks may curse their luck at times, distrust their politicians and believe 'oiling' the wheels of bureaucracy a fact of life, but they maintain their joie de vivre, their spontaneity, their optimism. So, the job at hand is simple: decide which particular Greece you want to experience. Then come and find it.

Don't just try to imagine. Tempt your senses.. VISIT GREECE!

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