Concierge Services

concierge1Hi end concierge servises for the most demanding requests. It will be our pleasure and joy to serve your desire. Whatever you ask we make it happen in the most accurate and proffesional way. Why the booming demand for concierges and organizers? A big reason is that most people have accumulated so much stuff--both in the workplace and in their homes. Just glance at your desk or kitchen counter, and you'll probably see stacks of papers, bills, correspondence, etc.Taking care of all that "stuff" requires time and organization. Some people need help just to get organized; others could manage the paperwork if they weren't saddled with so many other chores. That's when they turn to professionals to help keep them organized, run errands, and see to it that business and personal obligations are met. Our network is here to cover requests for any field of desire, save time for you and act where you need us and when you need us.

concierge2Among others we utilise the following fields of interest:

  • Jet Hire
  • Helicopter arrangement
  • Crewed Yacht Experience
  • Restaurant and Taste Temptations
  • Entrance to limited sport events
  • Sailing Race Experience
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Nightlife reservations
  • VIP events
  • Music events
  • Relaxing Experience
  • Shopping Assistance
  • Networking

concierge 3Being connected is part of our business. We have served many satisfied customers until now and our reputation is growing bigger day by day. Is is a difficult project but we make it happen since from the start until the end we enjoy it.

We focus on the client and we are stand by 24 hours per day for any request. Not only we plan and program but we follow during the course as well. Your personal assistant will be available and will follow you throughout your activity.

Please choose below some of our activities sections and get to know our fields of services from a closer angle. Time is essential in the world we live in. We make sure you can focus on your business while we handle all the rest.

Crewed Yacht Chartering

Crewed Yacht Chartering

With an intimate knowledge of the Eastern Mediterranean's most luxurious crewed yachts and a vast ne...
Jet-Helicopter Hire

Jet-Helicopter Hire

Traveling with a chartered Jet differs from flying with a regular airline and can provide effectiven...
a cre8 project.