Fixed Yearly Revenue

Charter business as an investment.

Do you see charter business as an investment? Do you want to sail with your boat as well? With our schedule you can own a sailing boat as a business and have a fixed incom each year.

Guaranteed Yearly Revenue : Each year you receive guaranteed fixed revenue regardless of charter activity. This revenue today is an 8% of your investment for a 4 year period.

As in all of our programs the following apply. You get a clean and fixed amount calculated on the above ratio.

Sailing Time

You enjoy up to 4 weeks of sailing each year.

Talk to one of our representatives now to discuss your thoughts and needs. We are here to discuss everything under this competitive market.

Zero Operating Expenses

As our management owner you pay NO operating expenses. We take care of everything, including dockage, insurance, parts, labor and much more. It truly is worry-free yacht ownership.

Professional Maintenance

Your yacht will be maintained to the most professional standards in the industry at no cost to you. All work will be performed by our own team of high end staff in accordance with our precise guidelines. You are more than welcome to visit our boats anytime to see the quality we are offering

Please inquire now so you can get an estimate and at the same time own your ideal boat


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