Sailing Yachts Bareboat

Exclusive Yachting Services in a very competitive market.

In this particular category we cover all the boats that travel basically without crew or strictly with their owners. These boats could be charter as well but this time bareboat. We have the ability to provide a very cost effective management package that includes charter management as well.

Under this service we have a separate advanced section for these boats that produce income and have various choices that are being discussed thoroughly in the Yacht Ownership section.

The idea is simple: The boat is being managed by us; the owner does not deal with any of the everyday routine. Every month there is a report with things that have been done and operations that are to be completed in the following month. Of course yearly schedules are programmed and discussed according to the boats and the owner's needs.

Please contact us for a detailed technical list with all services that we provide. We make sure your boat is always ready and maintained to the highest standards.

At the moment we manage a lot of sailing boats that are being chartered but also private ones. YACHTIME owns a decent amount of vessels this is why we know how to think as clients but to act as owners. Our proposal is to visit our premises so you meet us in person and let our specialized representative to present you our services.

We provide among others:

• BIRTH                                                                                  • HAULING

• LAUNCHING                                                                         • SERVICE

• SAILS                                                                                   • INSURANCE

• CHARTER                                                                            • CLIENT RECEPTION

• OWNERSHIP SCHEDULES                                                   • BROKERAGE



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